Yea! I got off work REALLY early tonight! That is always a fun surprise. I thought I would be there pretty late, but then all of a sudden almost all of the kids went home. When I left at 8:30 there were two girls left, sisters, and I think they were going to go home pretty soon. Crazy! Nice though since I didn't sleep very well last night, so I was pretty tired. That just means that it will be crazy the rest of the week though, that is how it always works.

I have been thinking about mission stuff a lot again. I'm sure some of it has to do with the fact that it is summer, and that is what I'm used to doing with my summer. I will miss that this year. Sure, I'll be doing some stuff like VBS with my church, but it isn't the same. I thought I would work for a few years in the states and try and pay off a lot or all of my college loans, but right now it looks like that will take me all of my ten years. I'm not sure that I want to wait that long. I'm thinking about looking into UM missionary stuff, or maybe talking to LAM (Latin American Mission) again, but I don't know. I also can't really imagine leaving my church right now, although I doubt I'll ever want to leave. Who knows how to tell if this is just getting used to not moving and getting the summer off or if this is really God telling me to get off my rear end. I wish there were an easier way to tell! So who knows....

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