Crazy Evenings

I'm soo glad that I work at night! There is just so much less drama to deal with when there is only one other lady there. And the two of us get along really well, so it is great. We are both able to just have fun with the kids and relax. It is nice. Like last night the kids were just CRAZY! I have no idea why. They ran around out side for almost two hours, and I mean literally ran for most of that, and were still crazy. So we went inside and they played in there and got to stay up about 30 minutes later than usual. But they were still crazy. So the other teacher and I just gave up! We just let them be crazy. We had four brothers and they ended up in a friendly wrestling match and we just laughed at them! It is fun to do that some times! And it is nice to be working with someone who can sit back and laugh at the sometimes!

Another random thought. I'm glad my church is starting a children's music program. I have always loved music and I know it is important, but it has really hit me the past couple of days. I have been in the two-year-old class and I watch them sing. It amazes me how much they learn from singing and how much of the songs they can sing. Even these kids who have just learned to talk love to sing and do it quite well! I can just imagine how much music can teach these kids about God. I can just imagine these kids singing about how much God loves them. I wish I could teach them those songs.

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