Spiritual Play

One of the blogs I read had a post called "water balloons and spiritual practice". I love the idea of "Spiritual play." It reminds me of some of my favorite times at work, just sitting on the floor and letting all of my little kids crawl all over me and just laughing at them. It just makes everything worth it! Like today I was in one of the classes and the kids just weren't listening and were being crazy, but then I went to the two-year old class and just sat on the floor and let them play with my hair and they sat in my lap and gave me hugs. It really does help all of the stress just flow out of you! I mean who can resist the cute little chubby checks of one of the cutest two-year olds in the world as she lays in your lap and just smiles at you?!

I just pray that I never loose sight of this idea. I think so many problems would be cured by a good water fight or pillow fight or tickle fight! Yet so many adults are to "mature" for such things. I never want to loose the will to just be silly for awhile and laugh so hard you can't stop. I guess that is a lot of what I love about working with kids. They have so much to teach me about enjoying life. They have such joy and excitement about the littlest things. They have an ability to enjoy all of God's creation. They love and trust deeply. They are creative and aren't afraid to fail. All things that would make me a better person.

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