Worry About Yourself

Well, happy 4th of July! I hope everyone's day was great and filled with cookouts, friends, and fireworks! We had a big party at church so I went there and had a great time. Have I mentioned that I LOVE my church?

I have been thinking about the Live 8 concert and reading various comments about it. I do wonder how much impact such a concert has on anything. I mean these people have TONS of money, yet they are talking about people starving. Shouldn't they just give their money and help instead of doing a big concert? But at the same time they are getting the word out to millions of other people and if as a result, more people gave, that would be even better. So I guess I'm glad that no one asked me what to do!

Kind of related, I always think about this related to reporters and photographers. I just can't imagine going to all of these other places and talking to people and taking pictures and not doing anything to help. But at the same time, how would I know about any of this is there aren't people who do that. And they can't help everyone. But I suppose that is all part of being the body of Christ and having different callings. Some of us are called to get out information and some of us are called to help, we are just responsible for living out our OWN callings.

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