Today quite a few people joined my church. They have exploration events for info about the church every so often and then after that, people tend to join. So this is one of those Sundays. Two of the people were older. Their grandson stood in the front with them. My pastor mentioned that they starting coming to church because of him. What an amazing testimony. It is so encouraging to hear stories of the faith of children and how that faith is affecting others. I really do believe that children are a HUGELY important part of the church today. They aren't just the future, the already have so much to teach us if we will only take the time to listen.

Another lady was baptized this evening. That reminds me of my own baptism. I was baptized this past Easter in the church I'm in now. I've been a Christian for quite a while, but was never baptized for a variety of reasons. But the whole experience was extremely special. One of my pastors baptized me and I love her to death anyway so that was really neat. I also really like being able to actually welcome people into the church. I love being able to say the part about renewing my commitment of my "prayers, my presence, my gifts, and my service" and remembering my baptism. I just think that is really cool!

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