Trail Markers

Well, I'm back from my fun filled weekend! I'm still exhausted, but it was a great weekend. It was so nice to spend so much time outside, and being in the mountains it was nice and cool! Such a change from down here in Tucson. That is one thing that has grown on me here, the variety of climates, desert to mountains!

But camp was great. I got to know a couple of the girls in my Sunday School class better and had some fun time with them. I also had fun playing my pastors little kids. And had a nice long chat with her. I also had some nice quiet time with God, reading and praying and just thinking. A good mix of everything!

One thing I was thinking about while I was resting during a hike. I was looking at the trail markers, those little flags that tell you where to go, and thinking about the things that have been trail markers in my own life. There are people and things that have guided my life to make me more like God. They have encouraged me when I needed it, helped me change directions, or just shown me that I'm headed in the right direction.

The Bible is always an important one. God has used stories or verses to speak to me when I need it most. People are another big one. There are so many people who have helped guide my life, friends and mentors, pastors and children. They all have had a profound affect on my life. Experiences are another thing that have guided me. My summer jobs and mission trips have influenced both how I see the world and what I want to do.

Then I also think about the sacraments and other "means of grace." These are other things that have been trail markers for me and throughout the centuries. I think back to my baptism. Through that and joining a UM church has affected how I see some things. And my church in particular has guided my life. And communion is especially meaningful to me. It continually draws me back to Christ's sacrifice and back into community. It is a connection to Christ and a connection to those around me, both the things that guide my life.

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