Found: the GREATEST Love!

Happy Valentines Day!

It is interesting, Valentines day is a memorable day for me, but not because of the actually holiday. It is the day I found the GREATEST love of all. It is the day I became a Christian. I can't believe it, I've been a Christian for nine years now! In some ways it doesn't seem that long and in some ways it seems much longer!

I know many people don't really have that specific moment when they committed their lives to Christ, but for me it is there. There were LOTS of other important moments, both before and after I became a Christian that are important, but for me this moment 9 years ago was kind of like stepping across the line.

I was thinking how in some ways it is like a continuum. On one end there is totally heathen with no commitment to Christ. On the other end there is Just like Jesus. And in the middle there is a line. Before that line there were choices I made and things that happened to me that pulled me towards the Jesus end. I heard a Psalm and it resonated with me, even when I didn't have a clue why. I made friends who invited me to church. I started going to church regularly. I had people praying for me. All this slowly pulled me closer to that line.

But at one point in the middle I stepped over that line, the point of no return.

Since then there have been plenty of things pulling me on towards the goal of becoming like Jesus. People took me to church and loved me. I had the chance to serve others. I've prayed and read the Bible. I've chosen to make a few steps in the other direction, but I pray that God continues to draw me to himself and make me more like Him every day.

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