Healing Rain

Have I mentioned that I love my church? Tonight was very powerful! We talked about not holding on so tight to things. We talked about how we need to let go of so much so that God can work in our lives. Then we sang "Healing Rain" by Michael W. Smith.

Healing rain is coming down
It's coming closer to the lost and found
Tears of joy, and tears of shame
Are washed forever in Jesus' name

Healing rain, it comes with fire
So let it fall and take us higher
Healing rain, I'm not afraid
To be washed in Heaven's rain

Lift your heads, let us return
To the mercy seat where time began
And in your eyes, I see the pain
Come soak this dry heart with healing rain
The image of rain has become even more powerful since I have moved down here in the desert. We don't get a whole lot of rain, so when we do everyone is really excited. We had our first rain in a long time yesterday. Wonderful, cold, refreshing rain pouring down from the sky, refreshing the land and all of us. Rain washing away all the dust and dirt, turning the dry dirt into mud. Rain flowing, making puddles. Cleanness. Refreshment.

What an image of God's spirit, flowing down over me. Cleaning. Refreshing. Washing away my sin and messiness. Rain, refreshing my dry spirit, quenching my thirst. Thank you Lord for your healing rain.

It also reminds me of my baptism. Water flowing over my head. God working in my life. Water and Spirit flowing calling me out, setting me apart. It is interesting, I struggled with what baptism means and all that for quite awhile and I think that struggle has made it all the more meaningful and important for me. I'm glad I went through that. I'm glad I have vivid memories of my baptism. It is important.

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