A Lesson from the 2 yo Class

I've been watching my little two year olds at work and noticed something interesting. Kid A will hit kid B at no fault of their own. So I'll talk to Kid A and tell them to use gentle touches and words and all that stuff. Then I'll tell them that they have to say sorry and give Kid B a hug. Often times Kid A will be reluctant and kind of hang back. Then Kid B, then one who was hit, will either sit there with their hands out waiting for their hug, or even walk up to the kid who hit them and hug them.

What an amazing example of forgiveness and mercy! Before we are really even ready to ask for forgiveness there God is with open hands, and not just waiting, but coming towards us. Even asking for forgiveness is God working in me, and God is working in me even before I feel like I'm ready. It also encourages me to go ahead and take those steps to reach out, even when I don't feel like it. I know that God is already there ready and coming towards me. And it encourages me to reach out and be ready to forgive those around me.

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