Interesting Weekend

Well, it has been an interesting weekend. I went to Mass last night (Saturday) and it was amazing, as usual! Smile 3 What was really exciting was at the end during the anouncements Father started talking about this "push" to use our time and talents in service in parish. This got me really excited, I wanted to say "sign me up now!" Grin 4 I've been giving up all the things I've been active in, but haven't replaced them yet, so I'm excited about this. Hopefully it gives me a place to serve.

Then this evening I was sitting in my protestant church. It was interesting because I began to realize how much of my thinking is starting to go through this Catholic "filter" now. The pastor was talking about having a relationship with Jesus and how he can heal the broken places in our lives. So I ended up thinking about how excited I am about when I will get to participate in the Sacraments and how amazing that will be to have that special and very real contact with Jesus. I can't wait! CelebratingYup, I really am going to be Catholic!

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