Jesus: Teacher and Savior

How can you live the Paschal mystery in your daily life?
"We live the Paschal Mystery when we allow the risen Lord to live in us and help us worship God in truth and love. We live the Paschal Mystery when we serve our neighbors."

It seems there are two way sin which I can live the Paschal Mystery, in my loving worship of God and my attitude toward my neighbors. When I do things like worship at Mass, and eventually participate in the sacraments, I am celebrating Jesus, crucified, buried, and resurrected. Even when I do things like pray through out the day and cross myself, I am participating in the worship of God.

A right attitude toward my neighbors also allows me to live the Paschal Mystery. When I am kind to the person at Circle K, when I show love and forgiveness to the kids where I work, when I encourage my coworkers, when I respect the people around me, even the onces who ignore me, when I am kind to the parents, even the ones I strongly dissagree with, I am doing these things for Christ. My love for Jesus is demonstrated in the way I treat those around me.

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