Jumping In!

So, somewhere along the way this week, I seem to have fully jumped into the Tiber! I'm not sure how it happened really and there wasn't a big moment or anything, I just know at the beginning of the week I was thinking "I'm getting closer, but I'm not quite sure yet" and now I'm thinking "Yup, I'm in! I can't wait!" Maybe it had something to do with starting class this week or starting to tell some of my friends or just being ready. But I'm in! I'm ready!

Mass tonight was amazing again. It seems like the closer I get to the Church, the more amazing it gets. I'm sure at some time I'll be a little more used to it and some of the excited butterflies will settle down, but for now they are there!

I also actually went up for a blessing during communion tonight. I hadn't been because I had read that some churches do it and some don't and I wasn't really sure I wanted to anyway. But they encouraged us on Tuesday to go up and I figured I'm ready at this point, so I did! Just being up there and being part of the communion procession was neat, I can't wait for my First Communion, that will be even more amazing!

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