The Christian Call of Holiness

Name occasions of grace in your life. Share some specifif ways various events, people, or gifts have been "grace" to you.

One of the first people that comes to mind when I thing of "grace" in my life is a friend from high school. It was because of her friendship and love that I started going to church and became a Christian. She and the many other people at that church were a huge source of grace as I started this journey.

Many of the trips I have taken have been sources of grace. I have developed gifts I already had and realized new gifts I've had to rely more completely on God. I have seen the body of Christ in many places and I learned to celebrate both our similarities and differences. I have seen much of God's wonderful creation. These experiences have left me changed.

Various books have also been grace in my life. I read a lot and there are more books than I can count that have spoken to me. I have been inspired by the lives of others, challenged to live a more godly life. I have encountered God by reading theology and been pushed to dig deeper in my faith. I have asked questions, sought answers, and developed more questions.

A number of friends have also been grace in my life. They have encouraged me, helped me see the gifts God has given me, supported me, challenged me, and often just reminded me of God's presence in my life.

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