Tired, but a Good Day!

I'm totally exhausted right now, but in all, it has been a good day.

I went to the traditional Mass this morning. At this point, I'm not sure I really have a preference on which one I go to. Since there are really only a couple of songs and everything else is pretty much the same, I don't think it matters quite as much as in a Protestant church. Everyone did tend to dress up a bit more for this Mass though. Not too fancy, but a lot more dresses and skirts and I don't think I saw any jeans. The other Masses I've been to seem a bit more casual.

Not receiving communion is still hard at any Mass, and it doesn't help when the deacon tries to give it to you. He wasn't paying attention to the fact I had my arms crossed and started to hand me the host, but then noticed and put it down and blessed me instead. He also told me he was glad I was there which I thought was really nice. Happy 7 But I still want Jesus! Less than two months to go hopefully!

Then this evening I went to our parish Fiesta. It was kind of awkward at first since I don't really know anyone and just went by myself. So I sat and listened to some music and played games on my cell phone. But then they started cleaning up so I started helping with that. I
really enjoy that kind of stuff and then I'm not just sitting around by myself. I also figure it is a good way to start being part of the community. It worked well at St. Paul's (my old church), so I figure it will work here too. They are always in need of people to do grunt work, and often it is the same people doing it, so you start getting to know them. Thumbs Up 9

So I ended up stacking a bazillion chairs and tables! I'm sure I'm not exaggerating at all! Winking 4 I ended up working a lot with a guy named Rob. We stacked chairs and then ended up stacking tables. And there were A LOT of both! Then some of the other people who were working the Fiesta were sitting down drinking a beer and told us to join them. So I did for a little bit and kind of just chilled.

Now there is another big difference between Protestant churches, at least all the ones I've been to, and Catholic Churches. While I know plenty of people at St. Paul's drank, there were also probably plenty that would have been offended by it, and there was no way they would serve beer at a church event. But it isn't a big deal at the Catholic Church. Not a big issue for me either way. Just an interesting difference. Grin 4

But now I'm off to bed. We'll see how sore I am tomorrow!

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