Kingdom of God

I love my church! Every time I go there is confirmation that it is the perfect place for me. I love playing with my pastor’s baby. And I love that she loves it when I do. I love that people know who I am, not in a pride I want to be popular way, just in a comfortable family way. I love that they know what is going on in my life. I love how supportive and encouraging they are. I love the things we talk about. I love how real people are. It is so nice to be able to go there and just be comfortable.

Right now in small group we are talking about Liberia. We have built a school in a small town there and my pastor just went there to visit so now he is sharing about the history there and what we have done. It is really neat to hear about all the ways that my church has been involved there and how committed they are to helping in ways that are helpful. And since I haven't been in this church long, it is nice to have a better understanding of how and what we are doing both in our community and in the world.

This makes me think about something that I have been reading about as part of the emergent conversation. It is a focus on the kingdom of God coming to the earth, not just a focus on heaven. I think this is an important idea. Some groups are so focused on the "get saved, go to heaven" idea, but I think they are missing so much! It is so important to work here on earth. I mean even the Lords prayer says "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." If Jesus says that is how we should pray, that idea must be pretty important.

Also I prayer request. I applied for a job to work at the preschool at my church. I think it would be really fun, and like I said, I love my church. Everyone at church says I'll get it, no problem, including one of the pastors who I put as a reference. But I got a call from them today and I have an interview on Tuesday. So if you could pray that it all goes well that would be great. Also pray that it will pay enough for all of my needs.

I'm really worried about money right now. I have most things covered right now, although I don't have much left at all, like $20. But I'm not paying on my school loans ($200/month) and I'm going to need a car soon. I'm sure I could pay less on my loans right now, but I'd rather get them paid, but that is an option. And technically my car hasn't died or anything, but I have a feeling it is going to soon and I would like to have a new one before it does. And it doesn't have air-conditioning, and well, I live in AZ! We are already up to 90 some days and it is just mid-April! AHH!

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