Democrats not Christians?

I have been reading one of the threads here and it has really made me mad! Lately there have been some people who are questioning the faith of people who align themselves with the Democratic party. Let me say that I don't identify with either party, but this idea is still VERY offensive to me. I mean if you want to argue with someone about the stance of the party on various issues, great. But DO NOT accuse people of not being a Christian because of their political ideals! All that is doing is adding on to the gospel, something Jesus had a lot to say about. He didn't like it when the Pharrisees tried to make their views of things contigent on loving God. It is just anyoing that we are doing the same thing.

On a lighter note, I LOVE kids! They are just soo sweet and loving towards everyone. Last night at work I was telling a couple of my two-year-olds that I was tired and thought it was bed time. They didn't agree! So I would pretend to fall asleep and they would run up and say "wake up, wake up!" Then I would wake up and tickle them. They would do this over and over and over, SOO cute! I also ended up holding one of the two-year-olds while he went to sleep. He usually didn't stay late and wasn't fond of the idea. But I love just holding the kids and patting their backs, soo sweet!

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