Hey, I think people are actually reading my blog!

Yea! It is Saturday. I haven't done a whole lot today. I went out and stopped at a couple of car lots to start looking at cars. I need a new car soon. For one, I don't have air-conditioning, and well, this is Arizona! I have no idea what I want really. Something with four doors, but I have no idea what brand. If anyone has suggestions on good or bad cars, let me know. But hopefully I'll know soon about that job at church and can seriously start picking something out!

For another random thought, I've been noticing lately how some of my thinking has been changing. Well, changing may not exactly be the right word. A lot of the things I'm thinking about are things that have somehow been in the back of my head, but not in a fully formed way, much less a way that I can express. But reading some of the stuff that is part of the emergent conversation has clicked with them. It has also made me feel less alone, I know that there are other people out there who are thinking and feeling the same things.

For example, I was reading the thread about how people view the Bible. I have never really thought that it was word for word inspired by God. That just makes no sense to me at all. But in reading "Generous Orthodoxy" there are some things that I like. It talks about how the Bible isn't meant to be read as a modern book full of exact descriptions and lists of rules to be followed. What we have is the story of God working in and through His people. We have a book that is both "God-breathed" and written by men within a culture and community. We need both of those ideas, God and men, to make sense of the Bible. It is a balancing act.

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