It is always nice to hear compliments, especially at work. I have gotten a couple lately and they have made my day. It also helps me to be not as scared after my bad experience with my last job. For example yesterday my boss thanked me for being so flexible. My position means I'm always switching between classes and no two days are the same. I actually enjoy that for the most part, it keeps everything interesting. Then later the assistant director told me that one of the other teachers, who I worked with for the first time the day before, said I did a good job. That is nice because most of the teachers have been there a long time so I really feel like the new one. But it is good to hear that I'm doing a good job.

Another random comment, everyday while at work we drive by the "Church of Tammara." This drives me crazy! I think that church is a special name and should be reserved for followers of Christ, not just any old religous group.

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