Small Moments

Wow, yesterday was a very long day. I was somewhat tired and spacey when I got to work and it just got worse from there on. The kids were all kind of crazy. Then after dinner one of my girls decided she wasn't going to listen to anything, but I got to go to the two-year-old class so I didn't have to deal with that too long. Then later she decided to not listen again and ran off to another playground so I had to go get her and bring her back and then hold her so she didn't hit anyone or run off again. So I was dealing with her and that left the other teacher to deal with everyone else. I felt bad for that, but there really wasn't much I could do. Finally her mom came and took her home. And by that point I was really tired.

There was a good story from today though. One of my boys, who has some mental issues, was helping water some plants and got some dirt on his shirt. So he went to the bathroom to clean it off. I figured he would just get a paper towel to wipe it off. Well, after he had been in there a little bit, the other teacher went into check on him. Apparently he had taken off his shirt to wash it and then hung it up to dry in the bathroom! I just cracked up laughing. He is just so cute. And I needed that after the day I had.

Another good thought from the same boy. Later after we had turned out the lights he was watching the bugs playing in the night light. He was SOO excited about them. While he was doing this, I was reading and came across this quote about Ignatius of Loyola.

"We often say how even the smallest things could make his spirit soar upwards to God, who even in the smallest things was the Greatest. At the sight of a little plant, a leaf, a flower or a fruit, an insignificant worm or a tiny animal. Ignatius could soar free above the heaven and reach through into things which lie beyond the senses."

So really we should be more like this little boy, so excited and enthralled with God's creation.

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