Funny Kids!

Wow, I can't believe that it is already the middle of May! It is weird because I have actually been in Tucson for 8 months now, that is the longest I have been anywhere in a long time! It is kind of a mixed blessing. I'm getting jealous of all my friends who are still in school and get the summer off. I really miss traveling and getting to pick up and go places for the summer. But it is also nice to not have to move all my stuff AGAIN! It is also nice to not have to make friends all over again. It is nice to not have to look for a new church and learn my way around somewhere else.

And now for a funny story. One of my little two year olds was driving his car all over my body. So he drives it down my chest and says "look, a roller coaster!" I about died laughing. You really do get over being touched when you have young kids around! They just don't get that there are certain parts that it isn't the best idea to touch or talk about. They are just so cute and innocent, well, most of the time anyway!

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