Lessons from Kids

Let's see, today was better than yesterday. Nothing big and exciting, but nice. A couple of interesting thoughts. I was talking with one of my older boys and he asked if I went to church because I was coloring a picture of a cross. I told him yes and asked if he did. He told me that his parents thought he was too young to go, but he did have a Bible. With all of my children's ministry stuff, this makes me sad. I hate the idea that kids are too young to learn or think or do. Kids are amazing Christians and we have a lot to learn from them. This is one big reason that I love my church. They are very committed to children and helping kids to learn and do NOW, not just some time in the far off future.

And speaking of learning from kids, it is interesting to watch my two year olds when they get in trouble. Most of the time, they are soo repentant! Like if I make them sit in time out for a minute, they will just come up and say "I sorry Karen." Whose heart wouldn't melt at that?! They are also so good about saying sorry to other people and giving them a hug. And the other kids are so good at forgiving them. That is how I need to be! I need to be more willing to say I'm sorry, both to God and to other people. And I need to be better at forgiving those who have hurt me. I can imagine that Jesus had things like this in mind when He said that we are supposed to become like the little children.

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