Yea for weekends! And a bigger yea for when I actually have money on the weekend! Not that I spend huge amounts of money on the weekend, but it is nice to be able to stop and buy a soda and some food without thinking about it. So I went to Target, Wal-mart, Michael's, Borders, and Sunflower Market today. Craft stores are dangerous! To many fun things to buy and play with. But I restrained myself and only bought what I needed for my Sunday School class tomorrow. Sunflower Market has also become my new favorite store! It is a natural, health food type store and since I'm not really into such things, I never went there. But I was talking with some people at church last week and they said they had really good prices on fruits and veggies. And they do!

Oh, I also talked to a cute little girl at Borders. I was just sitting there reading and she wandered over by me. So I smiled at her and then she started bringing me books and talking to me. She was probably right around two, so just starting to talk a lot. And she seemed very excited that I would talk to her and laugh at her. So cute!

And that was pretty much my day. Pretty uneventful. Now on to church tomorrow.

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