The ONE Campaign

I have been thinking some about The ONE Campaign lately. There have been threads on the forums (here and here) that deal with issues relating to it and watching that Brad Pitt special. One of the neat things about it is the wide variety of people involved. Look here at all the people who have signed the declaration. I mean when was the last time that No Doubt and the Newsboys did something together? Or Third Day and Pearl Jam? And look here at the different organizations who support the campaign, World Vision and the UMC are both in the list! It is nice to see people who are so different all come together for a common goal of helping others. We really should learn to do this more often!

On an unrelated topic, we are talking about prayer on Wednesday nights. I think it is going to be interesting. That is one thing that I struggle with. I do ok with praying throughout the day, but sitting down and praying for people, I struggle with. So many times I feel like it is just the same thing over and over again, and my head tells me it is good and important, but my heart isn't always in it. One thing that is helping me is we got a calendar and each day has a different person or group to pray for, everything from political leaders, to the church, to people in need. It helps because it gives me something to concentrate on each day. I can remember them throughout the day, but I don't feel like it is the same thing every day. It is good for me!

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