Yea, another wonderful Sunday! I do love Sundays. Sunday school was good this morning. I feel like they actually listened which was nice. I think I'm going to give up completely on the book though, it is just a little too abstract for some of the kids that come from TMM (a children's home) and since they make up about half of my class... I think I'm going to base a series off "The Story We Find Ourselves In." I think it will be good for them to have an overview of how God has worked through time. I think it will give the new kids a good overview and the other kids a new way of looking at the whole thing. I hope it works out well.

Yet another thing I really appreciate about my church, how they approach holidays like Father's Day and Mother's Day. They are very realistic about it all. The sermons aren't nice, we all love our Fathers and Mothers so lets be thankful for them. They recognize that some people don't have one or the other parent in their lives, that some people have abusive parents, that some people have distant parents and everything in between. But they don't allow people to dwell there, they challenge us all to think that our parents did the best they could with what they had. The sermons are realistic but at the same time challenge us to go to a higher level.

And on a fun note, a couple of us were talking tonight and we want to start a craft night when our new "LIFE Center" is done. We want it to be a time where all of the women can get together and chat and work on whatever the craft is that we like, be it knitting or scrap booking or cross stitch or whatever. I'm excited about the idea! It will be fun to just be able to get together and hangout with other people. And it gives us something to do at the same time.

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