Let me just say that I LOVE the internet! It just amazes me how much information there is out there and how easy it is to get to. I love how I can read something and then within just a couple of clicks read the opposite view and back and forth as many times as I want! I love how I can connect with people from all over and hear about all of their experiences. I love how fast information spreads and how I can hear about new movements quickly. So ya, I'm definitely a product of the information age.

This is all brought on as I spent quite a bit of time reading about the emergent church in various articles and blogs. A couple of good things that I found. Various "leaders" in the EC movement wrote a "Response to Critics of Emergent." For me, this was an incredibly affirming document. It confirmed some things that I had thought, but various critics had argued against. It also REALLY impresses me how open and honest and humble they are. They seem truly interested in friendly dialogue and open to criticism. I did also read a couple of sites that criticized the EC, and while some people had some good points, there were a lot more people who continually said the same thing over and over with very little evidence. It just annoyed me. Even in the discussions on the forums (The Emergent Church?) has been excellent. Criticism is one thing, but attacking is totally different and totally un-Christ-like. I just hope we can continue to have good dialogue as this is the only way we will truly grow in anything!

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Mike said...

There is something about Emergent/Emerging Church that is so free and liberating -- something that frees us from petty disputes from years of dysfunction in the modern church. The only thing that scares me is the idea that everything "old" is bad (which Emergent in no way supports). Some good is "GOOD!"