Things I Love!

Here is my random list of things I'm excited about lately.

  • GIMP - it is the open source version of photoshop. I LOVE it! Before I was trying to my image processing in Powerpoint since a real image processing program was too expensive, but that only does so much. But now I have this! See what I can do!
  • Burt's Bees products. - I have had the chapstick for awhile, but it was minty and sometimes I didn't want that. Now I found the lip gloss and bought the cherry kind. It is great!
  • MASH - ok, so it isn't exactly new or anything, but I recently started watching it. It is on late on Saturday's and Sundays and is great fun! :)
  • Blogs in general - I just love the wealth of information and opinions out there with just a couple of clicks!

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