Good and Bad

Amazing how something that is soo good in some areas can cause such devastation on other areas. Living in the desert, we are thankful for any water we can get, even when it brings a little bit of flooding. Yet that same water has done such horrible damage along the Gulf Coast. Our flooding disappears within a day or so, soaked into the ground to nourish life, yet in New Orleans, the city is still totally flooded days later.

So many things are this way. Blogs and forums can nourish ones life, yet in the same time can be used for viewing porn. Many people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, yet some become alcoholics. Food is good and life sustaining, yet too much can kill you. We need to be careful with how we use all these things. We need to remember to use them in life sustaining ways instead of life destroying ways.

My prayers are will all those affected by the Hurricane.

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