Stress Adds Up.....

Alright, I'm REALLY glad today is over. It was one of those days when a few smaller annoyances added up for a somewhat stressful day.

First I'm starting to get a little annoyed with one of the people I work with. For the most part I really enjoy her, but our styles of working with kids are REALLY different. If the kids are being loud and I'm trying to settle them down or if they aren't listening, I'll just sit there. Every so often I will remind them that they are wasting their own play time. I can wait all day. She on the other hand will yell over them for them to be quiet. Normally I can deal with it, just accepting that we are different, but a couple of times lately she has jumped in and yelled at the kids while I'm waiting for them to be quiet. I feel like it is taking away a little bit of my "power" so that is frustrating.

Then I was in another class and the other teacher who was in there with me just sat there talking to someone else. That got kind of frustrating too! Then later I was with another teacher who kind of disappeared for awhile talking on her phone. She did apologize, so that helped. But it also rained so the kids were stuck playing on the porch for awhile which also made it more stressful.

I'm just glad it is over. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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