For Love or Money?

A better day today. I went to my church this morning to play the piano so that started me out a lot more relaxed. Let me tell you, anything sounds better on a nice grand piano, especailly when compared to a cheapo keyboard! [:)] It was just nice and relaxing. Then less stress at work. One kid who drove me crazy for awhile, but that was about it, so not too bad!

It is interesting talking to some of my coworkers, they can't believe that I have a college degree and am working here. No matter how hard I try and explain that I really enjoy being with the kids, they just seem confused. They keep asking if I couldn't get some kind of job in biology (that is what my degree is in) or something. And I keep having to explain that that isn't what I want to do. I love the kids and can't imagine doing something drastically different from this!

They are just such different outlooks on life I guess. My aim is to do something that I love and make enough money to survive. So many other people want to make more money or have more prestige or I don't know what else. But I love the kids! I love how different it is everyday. I love being active and not just sitting at a desk. I love the hugs and kisses and smiles! I love watching how creative the kids are! Sure, it is stressful, and by the end of some weeks I have no patience left, but overall, I really do love what I do. And I can't imagine living my life any other way.

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