Thank God for the Little Things

I love how simple little things can really brighten my day. Things like a friend telling you how they like you. The smile of the lady at the Circle K that I stop at everyday, and the free drinks they give me. The excited face of a small child when they see you. Hearing kids want to help people with less than they have. Sitting and watching the refreshing rain together. Cuddling a cute kid after a stressful day. May I never forget to see these things and be thankful for them.

Another thing I'm thankful is for not being the boss at work. I know there is drama going on at work right now, not sure exactly what happened, and I don't care, but I'm glad I'm not responsible for dealing with it. There is way too much of such things when you work with almost all women. I also know there are other issues not related to the drama, like people being sick, and loosing the assistant director. So my poor boss has so much to deal with right now. And this on top of having a new little baby at home! And he seems to be handling it all, but I'm sure it is hard on him. I don't envy his job one little bit!

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