News about Foreign Aid?

I was reading the other day at see-through-faith. She posted some thoughts from Finnish students about Hurricane Katrina. One student said, "Dozens of countries have offered their help. Finland has offered the USA all kinds of supplies such as tents, sheets and gloves, Germany has sent thousands of ready-made meals, and the Netherlands has offered their expertise in dyke-making (repairing)."

As I read that I stopped and realized that with all the news about the Hurricane, I can't remember hearing anything about these other countries helping us. Now I watch the local news almost every day, and watch some of the morning shows which have also been pretty focused on the hurricane, it isn't that I'm sequestered.

Then today I read from the BBC that India is sending aid and has already donated to the Red Cross. The BBC also says that "60 nations have offered aid as well as UN, NATO and WHO." Why haven't I heard about any of them?!

So I went searching on MSNBC for stories about any of the countries who have sent aid. I found a story about aid from Mexico, aid from Afghanistan, one about European aid, one about German aid planes being turned back, and one about the world in general offering aid. Finally on a link in one of those articles, I found a list of all the countries who have offered aid.

It is amazing! There are 66 different groups listed, mostly other countries, who have offered some form of support to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. There are countries who are giving millions of dollars. There are poorer countries who are still offering help.

I just don't understand why I haven't heard about this! Shouldn't we be greatful that all these other people are helping us? Shouldn't we be publicly thanking them?

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