Fast Update!

Just a quick post to keep this alive. I have had a crazy and somewhat stressful past couple of weeks. The good news is I have a "new" car! My old car is falling apart even more than it was and it has gotten to the point where fixing it is just silly. So I now I have a '94 Ford Taurus. It is fancy compared to my old car so that is cool. And it has air conditioning and power steering! YEA! I'm still a little stressed about the car payments, but I'm trying to just deal with that later and just be excited for a couple of days!

Also prayers for tomorrow would be appreciated. I have a job interview at a nanny agency. I'm a little worried that it won't work out because they told me they wanted 1 1/2 full time verifiable experience, but my last job doesn't do references, they will just confirm that I worked there. But hopefully it will be good. They said I come with high recommendations. One of the ladies that works there is the mom of one of the kids at the job I'm out now. And she is one of the parents I have talked with some and I know her son really likes me. So hopefully it will all work out!

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Patti said...

You haven't posted in a while. Everything alright?