What I'm thankful for...

  • amazing friends, both near and far
  • family
  • my church
  • food
  • a job
  • fun kids
  • an apartment
  • my car
  • my computer
  • books
  • God
  • my faith
  • all the things I have learned
  • encouragement
  • rest
  • the chance to make a difference
  • love
  • grace
  • enough money to get by
  • safety
  • no major problems
  • peace
  • hugs
  • smiles
  • fun
  • and many more things than I could ever list!


kyledawn said...

very nice karen! and there are people out here who are quite thankful for you and the difference you make in this world!

mom said...

I'm thankful for such an awesome daughter. Actually two awesome daughters and a mom that has supported me so much in the last few years. I bless all of them for their encouragement and support.

(I see you have family on your list twice...)