I really do love my church!

I love my church! Have I mentioned that before? Sunday we had Harp Fusion at our church. They are the worlds largest touring harp choir and they are AMAZING! Picture 11 HUGE harps on stage and some of the best and youngest harpists around! They are all students at the University of Arizona, but are all masters already. Each piece they play has been written or arranged by a member of the group. And each year for Christmas they do a performance at my church. And it is a BIG deal! As it, get there more than thirty minutes before it starts if you want a seat, and closer to an hour if you want a good seat. But it is well worth it! The music was just amazing. They did traditional carols, Feliz Navidad, a Chinese piece, and even rag time music. The variety reflects the personalities of the different group members and it is amazing.

And beyond the amazing music, there is another reason that I love my church for doing this. It is an outreach into the community. For the most part it is simply a harp concert. But beyond that, it gets people into our church. At the beginning my pastors speaks for just a few minutes welcoming everyone and saying a few things about how this expresses God's love. It isn't overtly evangelical, as in no salvation message, but it is as the same time distinctly Christian.

And another reason I love my church, they are always open to new ways that God can work through our community. As of the first of the year, the director of Harp Fusion will be on staff at my church. She will write one piece of worship music each month using our musicians, and others, and the congregation. I think this is a wonderful use of her talents as a gift to God. And I am glad that our church can be a part of that. So often in the church the arts are downplayed and I think that is a tragedy. God has gifted so many people in music, drama, painting, and more, and we should give them a place within the Christian community to express those gifts to the glory of God. And I am grateful that my church has a part in doing that!

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