Narnia Movie Review

Well, it is nearly 3am, but I just got back from seeing the Chronicles of Narnia and I don't think any of you want me to call you right now, so I guess I'll post my thoughts here...


Go see it! They did a really good job! There were a few parts that I felt like the rushed through a little bit, but nothing that made me really mad. And there was one part that was added in. I didn't like it just because it was added, but it pretty much made sense and didn't ruin anything, so that was ok at least.

The scenery is beautiful! It is amazing and I would love to see some of the parts in IMAX. They did a really good job of translating what I saw in my head to the big screen. The Professors house is perfect, the wardrobe is better than I imagined it, and Narnia is absolutely amazing!

The characters were also wonderful! They weren't quite what I saw in my head, although I'm not exactly sure I can describe what I saw in my head. But they were great. Lucy was my favorite, she is SOO expressive! And all the rest fit just perfectly to their personalities.

And as for the worry that they would take out all the Christian elements, forget about that. They were all still totally there! There were a few lines of dialouge that I missed, but I've read the books over and over again so I think I know half of it by heart. But the casual reader most likely will never miss them. But Aslan's death/resurrection were wonderfully done and made me cry!

Oh, and one hint when you go see it, don't stand up and leave too soon. You will know what I'm talking about after you have seen it! But DEFINITELY GO SEE IT!!!

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