Two great quotes from TV

The first is from Survivor Guatemala. "To me you don't really understand where you are until you've met and experienced the people." ~ Rafe. I love this quote because it is how I feel. It is one thing to go to another country or place and visit all the sites and eat all the food. It is quite another thing to meet the people who live there and to actually experience who they are and how they live. That is when we truly learn and grow. That is when you can really begin to understand what that place is about.

The memories I have from other places have little to do with the museums I visited or the monuments I saw or the places I hiked. They have to do with the people I met there, even when those people were met through the site seeing part. Like when I was in Ecuador and we went horseback riding on a volcano. That was great fun, but the biggest part of my memory from that was the guide we had that took us up there. He was great and we had a REALLY fun time with him! In Mexico building a house was great, but I remember the family we stayed with and being sisters with the two girls in the house. That is how we experienced Mexico! (BTW, Kyle, how is it that all these memories also involve you!? )

The second quote comes from Grey Anatomy. "Because. It's. What. Jesus. Would. Freakin. Do." ~ Izzy How many times have I felt that way! I know the right thing to do. I know what Jesus would do. But I DON'T WANT TO! It is the hard thing to do. It is hard to forgive. It is hard to love. It is hard to be patient. It is hard to walk away. It is hard to do the right thing. It is hard to do what Jesus would do. I'm thankful that we have help in this. I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit gives us the strength to do the right thing. And I'm thankful that there is forgiveness when I fail.


Mom said...

I so agree with you about knowing a country or a culture through it's people. I remember so much about Norway because of what we did with a Norwegian couple there. It was the day to day living that was so different, yet so much alike.

kyledawn said...

i think those memories involve me cause i'm a cool kid ;) but really, maybe i'm in those memories too because i absolutely agree with that statement as well. my favorite memories of ecuador are the ones with javier too(maybe it's easier for me cause i have less to choose from). i love telling how i say the entire bohemian rhapsody with him on our drive up to the horseriding adventure. i loved staying with that family in mexico too. i still think about claudia and diana sometimes. i should ask alma how they're doing!