Jury Duty issues!

Ok, I know that jury duty is my responsibility as a citizen, blah, blah, blah... but you would think they could atleast make it somewhat easier on me! I mean they expect me to up and leave my job for an unknown number of days and if I don't do so, they can put me in jail.

But it seems like they make it as complicated as possible and string it out for as long as they can. So I got county jury duty notice and I'm supposed to call the day before, after 3:30 pm, to see what time, and if I'm supposed to show up. So I called last night and now it is put off until next week.

Now if I had a job that just required me to get the work done and didn't really matter when I did it, that would be one thing. But I have people counting on me to be there at a certain time so they can go home. And it would be one thing if I could say, I'll be late, but I'll be there by ___ time. But no! I have to tell my boss, I may or may not be gone. And who knows when I'll be there. That is just frustrating for me!



mom said...

Yep it is a hassle, but I found it interesting. You can sometimes get out of it by explaining your work situation, don't know if your work would qualify or not. I'm sure your boss has "been there, done that" before with others on jury duty.

John said...

Ditto your Mom. You'll find it to be a fascinating experience. I learned so much from mine.