Vent and Music Thoughts

First I have a couple of things to vent about! GRRR! I'm actually going to jury duty tomorrow, but you want to know what time I have to be there?! 7:30 AM!!! This means I have to leave my house at 6:45 to give myself enough time to get there and find parking. Considering I work from 2-11 this is WAY to early for me!!! GRRR!!!

And my other issue is with UPS. I DON'T like UPS!!! I had big issues over Christmas with getting a package from my mom, and now I'm trying to get something I ordered online. It was supposed to be delivered tomorrow, but then they tried today, while I was at work. I tried to have it held for delivery, but you have to call before 7pm to schedule that and since I don't get home until WELL after that I have to wait yet another day! UPS just frustrates me!!!

Ok, I feel better now so on to a more positive topic. As I was driving home from work today and listening to the radio I was thinking about what makes me like certain songs. Sure the words and the music are part of it, but there are also certain songs that remind me of things that are important to me.

I heard "Holy Is the Lord" tonight. That song reminds me of my church since that is where I first learned it. It reminds me of how much I love my church and how much I love all the people there.

And Sunday we sang "Embrace This Place" at church. That reminds me of a conference that I went to in High School that was a really amazing experience for me. I learned a lot and it was also a great time of fellowship with the people I went with.

In many ways these things are the things that make songs important, the memories associated with them!

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