Lessons from Jury Duty

Well, yesterday was jury duty day and I learned a few things from the day, so here I go.

Lots of little problems can add up to make me really grumpy. Like very little sleep, wasted time, not knowing what is going on, and many other things taken by themselves can be dealable, but all together they are not a good thing.

I don't think that being grumpy is wrong, as long as you don't take it out on others, a good thing for me yesterday.

Patience really is a virtue, especially when you have jury duty!

A good lunch and a little sun will do wonders for a bad mood.

Adults don't follow simple directions any better than kids do! We were supposed to tear the little holes off the top of our paper before handing it to the bailiff. Do you want to know how many papers she had to tear the tops off of?!

Bailiffs are not always, or even most of the time, guys. On TV I only remember seeing guy bailiffs, usually big macho guys. Many of ours were young women.

I am apparently growing up as it is MUCH harder to function on less sleep than it used to be.


mom said...

being grumpy...hmm...you didn't take it out on anyone, let's see..I guess you didn't take it out on me...just dumped. :-)
I know that adults can't follow directions. You should see a group of teachers. They can't even be quiet when asked.

kyledawn said...

ditto on the less sleep problem...