What Denomination are You?

I don't understand what people have against denominations. I have noticed that some people when asked what denomination they are will refuse to answer the question directly and will just say something about how they are a Christian or a child of God or something like that.

Now for quite awhile, I didn't claim a denomination and I understand that. I understand when people may be going to a church for a period of time, but aren't at all committed to being part of that denomination. But there are other people who are members of their church or have long term commitments to their church, but still refuse to answer the question.

I just think people are reading too much in to the question. When I ask someone what denomination they are, it just gives me a basic idea of where they are coming from. I'm not putting them in a box, I realize there is diversity within any denomination. I'm also not going to stop talking to them if they are whatever denomination. I'm usually just curious. It is also an opportunity for a shared connection. I can say or, I went to such and such church for awhile and I really liked it. It is a conversation starter.

So if you really don't have a denomination, fine, but if you are a member of your church, simply answer the question and don't read so much into it!

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kyledawn said...

yes, but: i absolutely love my denomination but i find it more important that i'm a christian than i do that i'm a methodist. because denominations really serve to clarify thoughts that we don't really know the answers to but feel like we have to take a position. and, even if you don't have ill intentions, there are so many that do. there has to have been something to start that stigma against claiming a denomination.