Flexibility in my Church

I really do love my church! I'm amazed at how flexible and innovative they are, even being so big.

Tonight at our evening service there weren't a whole lot of people there. And I'm sure you are all shocked to hear that. But so instead of our normal service we just pulled our chairs together into a group and sang a couple of songs and interacted a bit more then in a normal sermon. It was really neat! Just having that closeness was a lot of fun.

I'm also REALLY excited about next week. Instead of our normal services, we are going to have special time of prayer. We will meet in the sanctuary for a little bit, but then go all over our campus and pray for the various things we do there and the ministries we are involved in and for the people we want to reach. It sounds like it will be a really powerful time.

I just love the fact that the leadership in my church is willing to change things. It is good to have order, but I'm glad we are open to doing things differently. I'm glad that we are honestly trying to follow God is so many different ways! It is really exciting to be a part of it!

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