Life Update

While I'm at it, I'll throw in a quick update on my life in general. I've been busy as usual. I'm still working late every night of the week, although there are a couple of potential people that may be hired. I'm not getting my hopes up yet though, we have been this far before and it hasn't worked out.

My new big news is that I now have a second job that I'm THRILLED about! I'm now on staff at my church! It is only 10 hours a week, but I'll be helping our Children's minster with various Sunday School related things. I'm REALLY excited about it and the children's minister is really excited because it will be less stress on her!

Other than that, I've been busy spending my Christmas money. I got my new glasses in and I'm excited about that. I fixed the battery cables on my car and registered and plated it. And there went most of the money. Oh well, I've been waiting to do all that, so it is nice to have it all done.

And I guess that is about it for now. Pretty much just my normal life.

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kyledawn said...

ahhh, you know you're growing up when you're excited to spend christmas money on 'real people things'!