The Ultimate Healer

I'm not sure if I'll be able to explain this very well, but here it goes! Like I said in my last post, I've been really into Madeleine L'engle lately. I just finished An Acceptable Time and it really struck me. On of the themes in the book was healing. The characters went back in time to around 3000 years ago. Zachary had physical heart problems, but he also had spiritual heart problems. He was selfish and willing to do almost anything to find healing for his heart defect, including nearly letting Polly, the main character, be sacrificed. Here is a description of his eventual healing:

She[Polly] lifted her hands, held them out, and then she was caught in the restoring power of the healer and Karralys and the bishop, their hands not toughing, but tenderly moving over Zachary's pale and flaccid chest. Again Polly felt the golden tingling, and then a stab of acute pain went through her body like lightening, eased off, leaving her weak and trembling. Again came the warmth, the gold...She felt that her hands, her eyes, her mind, her whole body was caught in the electric power which Karralys and the healer and the bishop were sending through Zachary. They were, she felt, mending his heart, but far more than his heart. The depth of the healing was not merely physical but poured through the core of Zachary himself.
When I read that it really hit me that Christ is our ultimate healer, and I'm just SOO thankful for that. I'm thankful that while he can heal us physically, he heals us in so much more important ways, he heals my heart. He can heal all those hidden dark places in my heart. He can heal my pride, and envy, and selfishness. I'm so grateful that He choses to heal me. He could leave me alone or expect me to fix myself if He wanted to, but He doesn't! He has sent His Spirit to live in me and to mold me into whatever he wants! And for this I'm thankful!

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