First Step Towards the Water

So now we fast forward quite a bit to this March. I had been thinking off and on for quite awhile about trying to visit some kind of church (read: Protestant) with a liturgical worship service, but never could find one that didn't interfere with my commitments to my own church. I'm not even sure how it dawned on me, but I found a near by Catholic Church that had a Saturday night Mass. I now realize this shouldn't be any surprise, but it was at the time.

So after much debate I decided to go. I'm a bit compulsive about being places on time, so I'm often pretty early and this was no exception. But I was terrified, so I drove around the block, and around the block, and around a different block, and again, waiting for the parking lot to get fuller. I purposely went to a bigger church so I would blend in and there was NO WAY I was going to go into that church until there were enough people that I could blend in!

Finally I decided there were enough people there that I was ok with going in, so I gathered up my courage and went in. I had read quite a bit about what to expect already, yes, I'm that type, I have to have a much information as possible before I get myself into something, so I at least had a little bit of a clue, but still all the flipping around in the Missal had me a little lost. But even in the midst of all that, I had a profound sense of awe and wonder at the whole thing. THIS IS WORSHIP!

And then we got to the Consecration and I was kneeling there, not sure at all if I believed anything was actually happening, but still filled with this amazing sense of awe. I'm not sure I can describe it at all, but it is the feeling I get whenever God is doing something big in my life. And there I am in a Catholic Church, feeling like God is moving! Amazing!

The Emergent Church

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