Where Do I Belong?

So this all got me to thinking about how do I fit into all of this. My experience at Mass as well as a couple of books and stuff I read online, had me pretty convinced that there was something to this style of worship. The question became how do I become a part of this? I loved my Methodist church, but we were almost as un-liturgical as you could get. I thought about the Episcopal church thinking that was an easy way to remain Protestant, yet still be part of this style of worship. But the more I thought about it and the more I talked to a couple of people online, the more convinced I became that there were just too many problems in the Episcopal church right now. I'm not totally conservative, but more so than they seem to be at this point.

That left me with the Catholic Church. And that seemed totally crazy! I mean I didn't have a problem with other people being Catholic, but don't they add on too much stuff to the Bible? Mary? The Pope? All of that? It isn't for me. Yet at the same time, I couldn't deny what I was experiencing in Mass, and I kept going back, so I started thinking and praying, A LOT!

First Step Toward the Water

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