This brings us up to Holy Week. I ended up going to services at two United Methodist churches, an Episcopal church, and a Catholic church that week. Partly this was because I was curious and trying to find where I fit and partly this was how my schedule worked out. They were all powerful, how can Holy Week not be powerful? But the most amazing one, was Easter Vigil at the Catholic Church.

I didn't get there super early and this time I didn't have to worry about driving around the block a whole bunch because there were TONS of people there already. Again, being the kind of person that I am, I had read some online about what to expect, so I had a clue and understood some of the symbolism, but I was in no way prepared for how moving the whole experience would be.

There we are in the dark and they light the Easter Candle outside and then start the procession into the church. Slowly as we pass the light from our own small candles to those of our neighbors, light begins to fill the room. All those tiny little lights, together as one, illuminate the room fairly well. Then we listen to the story of salvation from creation, the patriarchs, and the prophets.

And all of a sudden we get to Jesus! The room fills with lights and Alleluias! Christ has risen! As we are standing there singing praise to Christ, I can barely get the words out I'm so full of emotion and awe at the whole thing. Then people are baptized, confirmed, and receive First Communion.

The whole service was powerful, but those moments stood out, and stand out now, as amazing. I left feeling so full of the awe and wonder and joy of Easter!

Where Do I Belong?

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