So all of these experiences set me off searching for something. What does all of this mean for me? I started out with Christian history, reading "Church History In Plain Language" by Bruce L. Shelley. I was enthralled! I think I read the whole 544 page book in the span of about a week. I read from the time of Christ up to around the 1990's. And then after I read it, I went back and started drawing out all of the connections and breaks and reconnections.

This made me start asking questions. If I'm Methodist and John Wesley never intended to break from the Anglican church, and the Anglican was started basically because Henry was made at the Pope because he couldn't get what he wanted, then what does that mean for me? None of those sound like very good reasons for starting a new group.

I also thought about how there were lots of problems in the Catholic Church at times, but eventually they worked through them. It seems like a lot of churches go in cycles, they have their ups and downs and there is something to be said for the Catholic Church that has gone through so many cycles and survived and remained faithful through it all.


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