Questions... And More Questions...

So all this reading and Mass attending provided me with even more questions. So I started reading some more. Don't worry, this isn't much of a hardship, I like to read, a lot! I had a pretty basic idea of what Catholics believed, but this sent me searching for a more in depth understanding of the why questions. I got books about people who converted to Catholicism and books about Catholicism and books about theology and books about the Bible.

I started writing down my questions and starting looking for answers. I e-mailed with a couple of people I knew online who had converted/reverted and they helped. And I read stuff pretty much constantly. I had some of the common questions, what about Mary and the whole praying to the saints thing? What about the Pope? How do we interpret the Bible?

Slowly though, as I read more and more and talked to people online, I was getting to the point where I was thinking, "Hmm, I'm not sure I do believe this right now, but I think I could given a little time."

And throughout this, I'm still going to Mass and doing lots of thinking and praying.


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