A Real Person

So then I've been doing all this reading and praying, but I still have some questions and I figure it is probably time to actually ask them to someone in person. After a lot of going back and forth, I finally get the guts up to e-mail the parish where I've been going to Mass and I ask if there is someone who can answer my questions. The Adult Faith Formation Coordinator e-mail's me back and says she would be glad to talk to me some time. My first thought is "What have I gotten myself into?!" Reading I'm good at, and even talking to people online, but you mean I'm going to actually talk to someone in person? That makes this whole thing a thousand times more real! So I was both really excited and really nervous!

So I meet her and it was a really good meeting. We talked about some of my questions and concerns. And that gave me some more stuff to think about and was helpful. And she told me about the Profession of Faith class this fall. I told her I wanted to think some more, but would get back to her.

But I think the biggest thing I got out of that meeting was her passion. She was SOO excited to be talking about the Catholic Church and to be answering my questions. And she was SOO excited about her job. It is the kind of passion that is catching, that you can't help be at least a little bit excited about it all too!

I came out of that meeting still with some questions and things I wanted to think over, but I could tell I was getting closer and closer.

Questions... And More Questions...

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