Then I went to Bolivia on a trip with my Methodist church. It was an amazing trip in general. I really do miss all the traveling and adventure and exploring new places. And the Spanish! And I have lots of stories to tell, and pictures, but I'll try and stick to the part that relates to my journey.

I ended up going to Mass a number of times while I was down there. We spent most of our time in Copacabana, a small town right on Lake Titicaca. It is a gorgeous place! But in the main square is a large Catholic Church that is famous for the Virgin of Copacabana. A most mornings I would wake up at a pretty early hour and have lots of time before we had to meet so I would go for a walk and watch the city wake up. Many times I would end up in this Catholic Church for Mass.

I discovered one thing I REALLY liked, even though I didn't know the responses in Spanish, I could follow along well enough and respond in English. That was much easier than the Methodist services we were going to where half of it was in Aymara, something I didn't understand at all! It just really showed me how universal the Catholic Church really is!

I also spent the trip reading "A History of Christian Theology." Ya, I know, that isn't your normal vacation reading book, but I thought it was interesting! A lot of it was stuff I had at least vaguely heard at some point, but this time I was more interested in how we got from what the early church believed to where we are now. Did their beliefs best match the Catholic Church now? Or some other church? In the end, it seemed that while there was plenty of development of doctrine along the way, for the most part, what the early Christians believed, can be found in the Catholic Church.

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